Artist Bio

Steph Cooksey is a singer & songwriter based in Houston. While the main focus on recording a debut EP, she keeps her chops up by playing the TX/gulf coast music scene, booking private events with her band Tipsy Kitten, & studying with local industry professionals. True to her roots, Steph combines jazz, Blues, & "soul-pop" with captivating vocals.

You can find Steph at any number of weekly jazz jams in the bayou city. "Singing has always been my guiding force, & the jazz jams . I show up to learn, to connect, to feel in community. my favorite bandleader once told me, 'If you leave here feeling like you got your ass kicked, you're doing something right.'"

Favorite song to croon at the jam: "Stormy Monday. "My parents called me Stormy when I was a kid." 

Steph's first EP stems musically & lyrically from the power of being an outspoken woman from the south. The songs interlace blues runs, jazz melodics, and haunting harmonies. She writes about love & heartbreak, hope & the human condition.